Sunday, July 08, 2018

Big troll-bot on a small list

by Bruce Broderick, Jul 8, 2018

Several months ago, like many of you, I started to become concerned about
this endless stream of mindless incessant  bullying, name calling and
threats of retaliation by this Zeke Krahlin character.

For the life of me I couldn't fathom why someone from the bay area would
have such an interest in demeaning people and local organizations that
communicate via our little podunk list serve.

My concern was great enough that I started confronting this character in my
own fashion. I got the standard responses along with one that showed my
name and business interests. Shortly thereafter I found myself, unwittingly
signed up to a few wing nut email lists. The price of free speech these
days, I suppose.

In any case I decided to look at a few list serves in other communities to
see if this sort of thing occurs. It's actually pretty common. What was
most interesting though was the similarity in the verbal attacks and
degrading comments.

A simple web search brings up a variety of Zeke Krahlin posts and responses
from dark web topics, hacking, virus' and this characters opinions on a
variety of tech topics and him/itself in both the Windows and Linux world.

My simple searches led me to consider the probability that the Zeke
(Ezekiel) Krahlin character is not a person at all but a phishing bot
designed to get emotionally charged responses and compile information.

In these troubled times of psycho-political warfare, where information
about people is the main currency, bots like Krahlin are invaluable for
collecting information and discouraging activist types of people. The
irritating posts and calloused responses to simple community events and the
needs of individuals on the list serve are designed to bring out agitated
responses and feed the algorithms of the application to better identify the
character of those responding to the bot.

The information gathered is then stored and used as needed against the
individuals or groups of individuals that unknowingly give the bot
psychological and or personal information about themselves.

This type of phishing is far more insidious than even the recent Facebook
information phishing schemes because it is on a more personal level. One
believes they are arguing a valid point or standing up for a perceived
injustice against themselves or friends, when in reality they are only
feeding a bot with ulterior motives.

Whether you believe my analysis or not I would suggest that you not
interact with this (character?).
Feel free to re post.

update Dec 3 2018:
This post has been getting some comments (unusual for my blog), including from Zeke (its/himself!) so I really want to advise against replying to him. If you feel oddly outraged, that's the whole point, it's really nothing personal though, just business.
Inger Grape says "He's a classic troll, who most likely gets paid per reply, and to garner replies, they act in a disruptive, vile manner. So please don't reply to him. Nobody but nobody spends that much time answering just about *every single email *without getting paid."

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