Friday, October 14, 2016

List of dieties

This is the list (Wikipedia)

There's some confusion between the concept and the specific entity. The problem here is that the natural teleos of a true believer is that their own god defines the term. Rather than realizing the term is a common noun, not a proper noun, then attempting to conceal this uneducated gaff by putting all non believers to the sword. That's a lot of work & I bet thebelievers feel pretty stupid to find that out. A good reason to go to college isn't only better pay, it's better pay with less work.

Looking at God as a proper noun begs this question: who are all those other deities starting with a capital G? They all claim to be uniquely suited to the title so somebody has to be wrong. IMHO they all have the same claim because of the structure of human brains. Babies learn to look for a causative agent like "who's behind the mirror", "where does food come from" etc. generalized as curiosity, it means telling the difference between reality and getting mocked by an older sibling or some kid survey nerd. When there's no obvious answer, something "creative" is supplied like the tooth fairy, or monsters in the closet. Pretty soon someone will say that God created the world. If you look at it as a function of the brains awareness then yes, you could say so because it would be a function of perception relative to the only trustworthy observer (which is you). But since you can't do all the tricks God does, God becomes supernatural occupying your space as well as realms unnamed. This amounts to using plausibility as proof (which it isn't). I don't know if that has historically been the churches intent, maybe it was ok before the enlightenment, surly people believed it then, they still do, but not now when solutions can be objectively verified using provable techniques and procedures.

I suspect the church is conflicted about it because they talk big about "truth" and use "biblical archaeology" (which should be a scientific procedure) to prove that events recorded in the bible actually took place, hoping the rest of the story will be taken as truth as well because of the effort and close association. They're also conflicted because they have billions if not trillions of dollars invested in doing genuinely good stuff for humanity in general (and buying nice hats for the pope), which depends on believer support.

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