Thursday, May 21, 2015

The people who never won wars

Here's an argument in favor of religion: HogFather (YouTube). Too bad they ran out of money or something. Parts are really good, others kinda lame.

This nice graph doesn't include any history about non believers: Tree of religions. We conclude from this that non-believers are all the same, like those people who never won wars or wrote history. I wonder if organized religion didn't develop from people wanting to justify wars and history, when they knew they were really just folks. Well of course people who didn't have bragging rights wouldn't have much history to write about anyway, but people who did would have to deal with appearing to be hipsters and posers in the eyes of their frowning followers. Unless they were also a 7 foot tall hormonal freak with weapons. Yeah, so except for that case, they say God did it.

But then, after many victorious campaigns against The Losers, They all drink too much or get stung in the heel by a scorpion or something. Pharaoh Khafre, Alexander, Pacal, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Qin Shi Huang. Bummer, but the legend lives so the state is secure for awhile longer till we can get someone else to do it.