Saturday, July 03, 2010

How is it that possible pathways work out? A person imagines something like space wars with ray guns and fantastic aliens. Then somehow these things work on their imagination to come about. (I think Niels Bohr said that but I can't find the quote) No they don't always come about, but that part that captures the imagination often does.

Satellite relay for transcontinental communication was first a si-fi story by Arthur C. Clarke, and the shape of the needle for the original singer sewing machine was taken from a dream. There seems to be a capacity of the mind that selects for possibility, of putting 2 & 2 together till e=mc2. For example NPR has Car Talk w/ Click & Clack the Tappet Bros. who are pretty good (genius) at identifying mechanical problems on practically any car, from call-in descriptions of symptoms. They do it down to which wire of which part is loose, on which year of which model of which car, what caused it, & how it was missed by the mechanics at the shop.

How does that work? The internal adversary, that's used to bench test hypothesis is Assigned Symmetry (IMHO), & can usually be trusted not to go rogue because it has the same survival priorities as the protagonist. Real world adversaries (like the Wolf Man) draw on a broader source of negative responses (he rips peoples heads off), whereas the internal adversary is learned from someone who advocates your survival. The survival benefit of taking the side of the protagonist is low stress, better sleep, & an overall more agreeable disposition, so that you get social perks like getting laid instead of living in a dumpster. In other words, the internal protagonist may be subjective, but the internal antagonist must be purely objective in order to be reliable.

For that to occur, the native needs to be Descartes or learn that skill set from someone else (like maybe Science 101), because it won't happen by itself if you get lies.

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