Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anger at Malaysia 'Jesus cartoon' (BBC) ... idiots.
Indian state confiscates 'blasphemous' Jesus textbooks (BBC) wot? Would look cool on a T shirt though, like 'Comrade Jesus'. That poster looks familiar from the '70s, except then he was holding a joint & Budweiser.

"Any time you deal with the realm of the demonic, there are people who become uneasy." (Chris Hayward, president of Cleansing Stream Ministries network). "Witchcraft - It's More Common Than You Think." (Larry Huch, founder of the Texas megachurch DFW New Beginnings and a former director of John Hagee's Christians United for Israel). The growing obsession with demons imperils reality-based discourse on issues. (

Before science got invented, etiologies were anthropomorphic, I mean they had to be because that's all there was to go by. Survival depended on being part of a group w/ more total experience and skill than any individual, so the cosmos had a social structure too. Like Horus was the son of Osirus, or Raven created the world, & whatever that implied. It was only a loose plan w/ no verification process because that would challenge the social order & ultimately ones place in it. The fact that the Cleansing Stream Network exists, proves that ancient social order is alive and well (for lack of a better word). To be fair though, that perspective is what defines animate consciousness from rocks. It's the result of a billion years of evolution of sleeping w/ one eye open so you won't get eaten. Our senses probably evolved to support it. Now along comes science & egghead nerds demand proof.

So: Are 'they' really out to get us?
Yes, it's a statistical certainty. Even bugs will eat you if you hold still long enough.
Are they a credible threat?
There's the rub, without resources of group knowledge, each individual must find out alone.
It's the writers contention that a demand for proof evolved from social exploitation. On the one hand, It was necessary to frame the demand so that it can't be screwed with using concepts like souls and angles. On the other, the church doesn't use math to explain phenomena.

Why We Don't Need Religion to Give Life Mystery

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