Monday, December 14, 2009

More "Religious Left" propaganda:

The selling idea behind right wing talk shows is mainly gossip & innuendo, but it creates a hormonal response that passes for opinion, & a sense of righteousness that seems like morality. it's cultural manipulation for political ends. In an ideal society, everyone agrees on an action or it doesn't get done. This moral propaganda coordinates agreement. Like Moses on the mount, Top Down brings rules to keep people in line.

A plagiarized gift to theists from Richard Feynman, Carl Sagan, S. James Gates, and Freeman Dyson: Science, human knowledge and the unknown The Fine Art of Not Knowing ( The quotes by these scientists are taken out of context and possibly w/o their permission. Ave Maria playing in the background w/ clips of astronomical wonders, make a different statement than intended. (Who made this movie?) The fact that stuff is unknown doesn't suggest (much less prove) a coherent god, without additional instruction that define it as such. Those instructions are problematic.

There are no "blessed wars". Yet virtually all evangelical, conservative and many mainstream church leaders were active supporters of the Bush wars. This isn't a coincidence though, It has been an intentional program by some republican congressmen since the Reagan administration.

NY Times Book Review: The Evolution of God It's confusing when religious people use science to describe social-religious interactions, they should leave that stuff to the opinions of boffins and bloggers.

Sumerians Look On In Confusion As Christian God Creates World (The Onion)

Marcus Aurelius speaking on god(s)

A nations overall belief in god is inversely proportional to that nations average intelligence

The Flat Earth Society is "real"! (allvoices)

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