Sunday, August 09, 2009

There’s a correlation between what a person expects and what they get, just because people only deal with stuff they recognize. Before “Science” came along and established that real stuff was (had to be) objective, the subjective world (heaven, hell, majick, fayerie & thrall) had equal potential and was the personal possession of an individual.

A train of thought, following a thread of reason, discards irrelevant data and draws supporting evidence by random association. Any evidence must be unimpeachable (with historical reference, authorship, and footnotes, etc) or it doesn't qualify, like following a single string through a labyrinth. Intent holds a description of the end result, but random association is the fuel.

There's another way to describe it: by everything it isn't.

During WWll there was a secret code breaking unit in Betchley Park England that set out to decipher the German Enigma code. The code was basically a series of transposed letters that stood for another series of transposed letters, that stood for another series of transposed letters, that stood for the alphabet. Messages were transmitted by radio. it also needed a code book to give the key letters of the day to set the receiver's deciphering enigma machine. The code breakers broke it and as a by-product invented the first computer operating system.

But the guy who broke the code, who defined the process, figured there could be every possible configuration of letters involved for every letter in the code ((4 to the 26th power) minus one). "Minus one" being the letter the code was trying to conceal. Betchley Park was successful and made the computer to speed up the process of discovering the key of the day.

Intent was the thread. Evidence must be something communicable, our social awareness is built on a learned verbal description of what's important, which limits what we allow ourselves to know and express, to only things which we can verbally communicate. Those sources (social conventions) require trusting someone else's experience over our own (historical reference, authorship, and footnotes, etc). Betchley Park was looking for evidence of what wasn't there within a limited set of possibilities. To apply that plan to an unlimited set, requires a different algorithm. Apparently it's not uncommon, (miracles do happen) but resides outside social awareness, wherever that is.

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