Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some studies on schizophrenia (they're endless) indicate almost everyone has some kind of genetic tendency. One of the more recent connects schizophrenia with psychosomatic repression of stem cell production for any reason (like social isolation, some kind of adverse personal image, etc). Just on the surface, that looks like a reverse of the placebo effect, which would make it an EVIL PLACEBO..

As a long time schizophrenic, the antidote I recommend is aspirin and a glass of water, maybe prayer, or perhaps a bath in the blood of sacrificed innocents. Anything works really, what's needed is belief in the spell. The spell itself is a ceremonial pathway to social acceptability. You have to clear it with the world somehow though, because it needs some kind of historic & etiological validation to be recognizable as a spell & you can't just ask around because someone will want to study you (which can get really weird), because some people are actually paid to come up w/ novel explanations for ordinary coping. Yes folks, ordinary coping sometimes involves carrying on imaginary arguments w/ people in other cars while driving down the freeway, and/or walking around your bed 3x reciting "Begone, begone, begone ...". To come up w/ those novel explanations, a student of desperate people must assume an objective position, which just doesn't exist. Like: "what would real space aliens think of the way earth humans act?" well, lets put ourselves in the alien's shoes ... (they're sure to have feet).

The point is, paid observers have to claim objectivity as self defense, so that madmen will stay in the bottle, socially and intellectually impotent, and actively repressing their stem cell production for the benefit of priests, psychologists, politicians, talk show hosts, and intellectual bullies everywhere. It's what we, and probably every other animal, does. So how does one survive the enforced ennui? Well sex pops to mind. lay it on the bully & they have to give up their "objectivity", it validates equality (unless they kill you). If that's not an option, probably drugs, or jogging.

In this person's opinion, objectivity is a social convenience that allows group focus, but it's basically an illusion and an excuse for elitism.

Like the minimum age of consent for sex, how about a minimum age of consent for religion.

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