Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alas, I must bail on my promise to list my unexplainable personal coincidences. As a member of the psychedelic generation, I cannot exceed certain social mores which prescribe the endless detailing of marvelous trips. If you've ever been buttonholed by a gibbering panhandler, you'll know why. I can assure you however that the stories were more fantastic then the fever dreams of the entire Bush Administration, though unfortunately they didn't include sex, violence, money, or world domination. Not a lot anyway.

But they did offer some interesting etiological questions about cause and effect. In fact, without another explanation, it would be reasonable to attribute the phenomena to influences of an unseen social entity. Some people say the world is a result of the social interaction between people and unseen beings, who 's awareness adds coherency and who created physical stuff so it could fulfill some kind of destiny (which obviously happened, so that's the proof).

For example: Some guy is having trouble with his car's clutch, he can't afford to have it fixed in a shop, he's never pulled an engine, and doesn't have the tools. What to do? He walks uptown to have some coffee, he doesn't drive because his clutch is out (in a fairly large city) and while crossing a random street, glances up the block and spies an innocuous brown paper lunch sack on the curb. He has a distinct impression that the sack contains the tools he needs. "That's illogical" he tells himself and continues up to the Café. Thoughts about the bag keep gnawing on him though, so he resolves to look on the way back, if it's still there. It is, he does, and there are the tools.

What happened?

  • If it was it god or the devil, then whatever happened to the guy and that car since, is the intended result. As superior social beings, it's their fault or credit. They are accountable, and he's just a hapless pawn.
  • It was god "A" getting revenge on god "B", concerning some fracas that took place long ago in a galaxy far, far away.
  • He subconsciously overheard someone talking about exactly what he needed, when he needed it, giving the location. So it was a simple matter to go over and pick it up.
  • Good or evil had nothing to do with it. Like Remote Viewing, used by the US and Russia during the Cold War (and practically every shamanic culture), it was his own desire and awareness that located the nearest available tools that he needed. ("cosmic consciousness" dude) The Café excursion was just an excuse of logic. (rent the DVD "Suspect Zero", the movie is kind'a harsh, but there's a bonus clip on remote viewing that seems authentic).
    • A word of caution about Remote Viewing: I decided to buy a course from Ed Ames was appalled by his crass & commercial presentation. It's possible that the problem lies with the ad agency, but even so, it's an insult to the buyers who make up that market. It cost $300 which is another way of saying "Greedy stupid people pay outlandish money for our unproven product because they think it will give them anything they want! We have nothing to loose by insulting your intelligence because we don't respect you anyway!". You have to ask to get off their spam list, or they'll assume you'll want to buy 50 other CDs w/ similar crap for the same price.
  • The story could be fake.

Although I have that story from the most credible source possible, there's no way to prove it. The only reason for you to take my word would be if believing benefits you somehow. for example:

  • someone offers you 72 virgins &/or a place at gods right hand after you're dead.
  • retelling will amaze your friends so you gain stature (unless you blow it). You get to be seen, at ease, with rich guys and your social superiors if you tell their story and lend them credibility. By retelling their story, you establish your own social superiority, and can then qualify to join the republican party, or the church & be saved from the forked tongue of The Deceiver.
  • it agrees with your previous experience.

How many times have you picked up the phone and knew who the caller was before they spoke? Some other occasions might be: knowing that something is imminent, like a cop car is behind you, your kid is waking up, someone or a piece of information is about to arrive.

Stuff happens all the time, the problem is that it's a sin to question god.

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