Thursday, November 20, 2008

Everything we conceptualize is in relation to other people. so we're at odds w/ parts of the world that don't show things we can either represent to or as people. there's just no way to grasp it. justify anything: it comes down to it's social value.

Krill for example: obscure little shrimp like bug thingies that live in the open ocean and form the major part of baleen whale diets. Their value as individuals is unthinkable, we don't have anything in common. they're lousy conversationalists. our interest in them is mainly: how might we exploit them to make a point of conjecture, or rip off their protein.

so what do krill do when they're bored? like us, it's sex & food. they aren't too concerned w/ housing because they're free swimming, although they do migrate between temperature clines to follow plankton (which they eat). Like us, they swarm in colonies for protection, but they have no word for "landlord".

The Lords of Creation were sitting around discussing how cool it was to be a Lord, when some fool asked "hey, what's a lord anyhow" Lords Shango and Loki laughed mightily (as lords are wont to do), and incinerated him on the spot. "That's a Lord, fool" There was no reply. Then Jesus, who was the Lord of Lords said "So like, what's next, dudes? We really needed that guy so we can be lords"

see, EVERYTHING describable must have a social value or it's meaningless & just not interesting. Abstractions become anthropomorphic with social labels. Straight lines grow eyes and feet.

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