Saturday, August 09, 2008

Here's 2 dozen versions of the bible and comments. I admire this guy because he allows comments. I don't allow them because bible thumpers (to me) are irrational and it depresses me that the god of natural selection hasn't struck them all dead. So ok, you exist, you win, evolution works.

Dated and droll as it may be, the carnage, treachery, incest and obscenity in the Bible only represents the real world. Most, if not all, of it's authors are talking about how to deal with disillusionment without running away or taking a shotgun down to the local Mac Donalds to even the score. Unfortunately something gets lost in the translation. Fortunately, it gets us by because we can always surmise the intent of the teaching, based on the desires of our social superiors (like pop culture gods). Unfortunately, that doesn't actually resolve the problem, it only makes us appear to be as normal as our social superiors (like MIchael Jackson, Brittney, Adolph HItler, Jim Jones, OJ Simpson, or George Bush ll). Like, here's an article on normal sexual aberration in animals, unfortunately (or not), they're not aberrations, fortunately (or not) they have almost nothing to do with the church.

Whether you think (like me) that heaven is in your head, or someplace physical like Jones Town, the recognizable property of heaven is that things are good there. It's a model of goodness that people keep trying to build up around us. Some models are a fortress, some are open. In theory it doesn't matter if it's closed or open, but in practicality, it does. A closed heaven in your head, isn't heaven. An open heaven in Guyana, invites malaria & probably criticism from neighboring (richer, and more heavenly) heavens.

heaven is an amusement park that never closes

Though everyone agrees that heaven is the ideal model (even satanists, for them hell is heaven), we still can't reach agreement on phrases like "heavenly music" or "heaven on earth". Governmental ambassadors, judicial intermediaries, hand shakes, gift exchanges, marriages, & all kinds of formal acknowledgments still don't do the trick because we're separated from the world by respect. calavera1 not that we shouldn't respect the world (god knows we don't anyhow), rather, we should be the world, the world is us. Live the dream.

A god driven universe is, is frankly absurd, it has the same deductive rationale as geocentrism & a flat earth. more so if the universe is the product of a god made by man. Evidence for this is in the righteousness of any religion, they can't all be right, but they can all be wrong.