Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Real IN YOUR FACE Athiests will appreciate this link: Maggot Punks. I just discovered them by following links through my website stats & Myspace, wondering why I had so many hits to this photo (so I put an ad at the bottom):

They warms th' cockles o'me heart, but let me qualify that a little, I totally agree that hypocrites should be called out, on the other hand though, it's a waste of time to get hormonal on that same level. It just further polarizes the situation, & that's no solution, lookit GW.

The unspeakably unclean in the above picture is the larva of a kind of fly (Tachinid) that eats caterpillars. Unlike some carnivorous flies that eat dead stuff, these don't wait for the caterpillar to expire. They reproduce like The Alien using a live host, and burst forth from their chest w/ a defiant look before scurrying off to pupate & search for food.

Releases of Beneficial Organisms in the United States and Territories-1992. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Miscellaneous publication No.1505, 529 pp.
"Well over 20 million individuals of at least 151 species of insect and mite parasites and predators, almost exclusively of foreign origin, were released against at least 79 insect and mite pests, also predominantly introduced species, in the United States and its Territories in 1982. "... Aliens are among us.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Here's a question, what's ubiquitous, every culture claims it defines them as a people (it's religion, duh, but): What is it?

Here's an answer: people talk to themselves internally, they read cereal boxes & online blogs so that their "consciousness" will have something to do. Internal talking reinforces the personal world. "I shot 15 hoops straight today!" not bad y'know, but so what? It's important because it gives one a social context, aids security and prevents isolation. Ok, but who cares? Exactly the point, somebody has to care, so that somebody takes place in ones head, they have a persona that's defined by people we know, (or read about, or see on tv, etc.)

Ok, now we're inside your head, both of us, or maybe it's mine (looks like my junk. You got this stuff too?)

The thing that Lovers, Charlatans, Priests, Politicians, and sugar Placebos all have in common is they affect a part of a persons brain associated with how one feels about themselves. In order to do that, there must be a willingness to believe & trust, and they must know what to expect. It's not a fake effect, the effect is real, the rational is false. Treat someone like a King & they'll grow to act like one, treat them like a fool & they'll grow to act that way too. Promise them honor & security forever & they usually consider it seriously because it tweaks that little part of their brain. If negative odds are too obvious, well, there's other ways to appeal: like The Relative Situation, which depends on context "sure things are ok, but they could be better, & think how much worse it could be if... bla bla" The hook is either set or not depending on the prep work.

You can pick your demise by gender. Gun rights are symbolic of a male dominated society, how do women ever cope? Same as ever, if its not guns, its some other kind of male dominated social destructiveness (gambling, smoking, drinking, drug dealing, porn) it's male, all male, how come? Well, there's female destruction too, it's passive, things just fall apart. If you get mugged & machine-gunned, that's male (like Shiva the destroyer). But if you get lost in the desert, perish of ennui & consumed by vermin, that's Kali "Nail-Cakes", goddess of death.

Traditional (or any other kind) of gods all appear to have traits of organic life forms, they're crafty & act just like people! Do they do that on purpose or does it just seem that way? Is it fair for people to anthropomorphize the forces of the universe as if though they were just invisible mortals? (NO, IT's NOT FAIR!) As a god I object to that kind of degradation! Gods can do anything & we can make up the rules as we go along. GW Tush thinks he enjoys my favor but, he's never bothered to approach me even once, he ignores the rational advisors I put at his disposal & I certainly never speak to him. I can't believe the hubris of that man. So that you all know that I am the supreme being, I shall visit him with boils and pestilence, & cause him to be a toy for the amusement of Nail-Cakes, my chick.