Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ok I'm sorry to bum everybody, but I just found God, (in the back of the sock drawer). I was just imagining what it would take to get away with all the stuff that gets blamed on God. (wouldn't be the devil because that's still the same thing). It has to include both, not good, not evil, not even indifference because god's not aware, (at least there's no evidence that God has awareness, that doesn't come through the filter of someone with their own motive. that's why it's exasperating to reason with the sucker). So god's indifferent & still has some kind of form or weird utility, & be a default "reason" for everything. (God invented daughters so they could wash the car)? I don't think so. It's more like this:

See, whatever it is has to be coherent & not contradictory, so just skip all the stuff that is, like science, politics, religion, truth, lies & all. What's left? Well, the physical world, like outside your head. but it's meaning & utility are entirely inside your head. So, are you God? shure that fits (sort of). wait there's more!

The classical form of prayer is beseeching someone invisible for favors, (you know the drill) because it's deserved. ok? so why's that a recognizable condition for God. (hint: it helps the definition) Nobody says "oh great God: give me cannibalism, incest & kiddy porn because I deserve it". No, see it's a kind of social thing, God is. God doesn't have secrets or a plan, God IS a plan, what you see is what you get: a universal mechanism, which helps the people survive. God says "Be good & Do right, & thou shall/shant & so on & I'll reward thee with all the riches of the earth plus free upgrades. Wild gods might do the same thing, but they do that only as people see them. Like whatever pushes the planets & cares for fuzzy animals (with big brown eyes like bunnies & aging wolverines). Those gods only attain meaning & existence through the perception of people, but like a tree falling in the forest, those gods also have their own worlds that people may never know. Of course a person could pray to those gods (or one cooked up by fundamentalists to serve some immediate folly) for ones cannibalism, incest & kiddy porn, but that's like plugging part of that world & it into the people, so it would have to have some kind of meaning for the people world too, to be recognizable. For example when you answer the door with blood up to your elbows & all you have is a flippant excuse ("Hey God said it was ok!"): it might not be the same meaning. So our first labor for God isn't to create light, it's to homogenize society.

Another point of definition says god'll punish you (for evil thoughts, etc.). looks like he's back to square one, except If you consider that God IS a plan, instead of having one, the plan is that stuff that breaks down society, ultimately comes back on the person that perpetrates the deed (just like flies on poop or Karma on Dubya!). Not that any of that stuff is intrinsically destructive to the perp, because there are cultures in the world today that consider almost anything to be acceptable behavior somehow, just as there are those that don't. But because we get along SO well with each other, legal stuff provides employment for someone to go around and insure that people who continue to eat up the neighbors are held responsible for whatever's wrong with it. Now all those guys that make their living selling God finally have something worthwhile to promote, like social tolerance, and liberal bias, so predators can have another harvest in a few years when the next peace matures. And the legal people employed to see that everything is legal will surely constrain themselves so that harmless & non-violent people aren't busted for the security of the legals' own employment because that's ultimately bad for society.

So: how come some societies COMMIT SIN & get away with it & some don't? Well heck! it's natural selection in action. Like all those societies that ate up their kids, pretty soon ran out of people. The Shakers (famously good, kind, pious, wholesome, etcetera), ran out of people & became extinct because they were celibate. Some societies even thrive on WAR, probably because they don't run up a 10 trillion dollar debt on the say-so of their pin headed commander in chief. (Note: all those that did, had to eat the leader to avoid starvation.... Just a thought).

OK now here's gods will: (I God, being of sound mind & body, record herewith my will & testament...) Gods will is what someone decided was the solution for social misfits: make nonconformity so unpleasant that people won't want to go there. (actually it was some bureaucrats plan and not Gods), and it doesn't work (see footnote 1). Writing down all the possible ways a person might disrupt society (& disobey God), makes for a predictable future, so long as the code is relevant. Then maybe someone decides that the letter of the law is more profitable than the spirit (I love that comparison, it could mean anything), so the codified plan becomes a tool for exploitation & is no longer Gods plan. a couple of examples are: the Statutes of Negritude (legal reasons why white people could exploit blacks, cir. 1650-1860), & 3 strike laws applied to nonviolent offenders (reasons why rich people may exclude marijuana users from society, cir. 1980-present). Sure if you agree with those laws then they're relevant, ie.: The cranial measurements of the heads of the colored races predisposes them to servitude, and, Marijuana makes you crazy. The point here is that nobody can write a perfect law & nobody can define God for the same reason. (see footnote 1)

1: Because right & wrong are subjective & dynamic, while laws and judges are static and objective, Law & Gods definition try to keep the world from changing, but without constant feedback and adaptation, it's inherently futile. Ideally, a democracy provides as much feedback as it needs, (the price of freedom is constant vigilance), but of course depends on the social honesty of it's representatives & poll takers (there's always a catch).