Saturday, January 15, 2005

The concept of god as an evolutionary dead end.

Some say god created us because he was lonesome, like he needed company

ok here's God. he's either us or not, whatever. Let's assume He created us and not vice versa. God existed first so He has to be perceived on a scale of time, which may be called His Great Plan. Plans require a purpose/goal. The rapture perhaps, but then what?. The rapture is a development of his son's advocates, maybe not bad, but NOT God The Original and wasteful in the writers opinion, because the chosen enter heaven in their physical form, and the rest of the physical world is discarded (where does it go?). If God gets angry because humanity rejects his plan for a perfect world, then He must put some value on it. Heck, what's this God the Son revisionism anyway, if there's one god, he needs to be updated more plausibly. Ok, I'm digressing, this is just hypothesis anyway, the main point here is that there's a time scale & a goal (and it looks suspiciously like a perception of those who live in a time-space continuum ie: not-god).

Since God has no beginning & no end, & He can look at the future like we look at the past, He should have an advantage in the evolution of events. Apparently He chooses not to use it, possibly because He's inscrutable and mysterious, (or perhaps we're just idiots). This is serious: Why not use the advantage of total consciousness?
I'll wait while you ponder & then present my fecklessly self serving opinion/answer.

Ok, it's because planning to avoid past mistakes increases entropy instead of reducing it because there are fewer evolutionary options. (like crop mono-culture) "nay nay" you say "because God isn't bound by the laws of thermodynamics!" Maybe, but so far we don't have that evidence, and we do have evidence that everything He created is. Could it be that God is made up as we go along, designed solely to refute opposition to His existence? well duh! How about a self serving waste of time. (not me, Him) Well, ok, if one makes a living from selling God, it's not a real waste of time.

So here's the given:
1) God exists and he knows what he's doing.
2) His Plan revolves around humanity and is subject to the laws of thermodynamics.
3) Planned evolution reduces options thus increases entropy, in humanity's case resulting in the natural disintegration of the universe because His Plan depends on humanity and not the universe.
4) God expects humanity to become obsolete because otherwise the universe has no physical limit.

For a being that knows how it will come out, this seems like an exercise in futility. More likely, it's a social device promoted by people who have serious doubts on how it will come out, to insure their own personal, and relatively temporary, safety by planning to abandon this world of contradiction and hemorrhoids, and get raptured into dreamland.

These are the people that say "we'll all meet there in the great by & by", & require faith as a per-requisite. Well, when one looks at the option of eternal, gloom &/or wandering lost spirits, meeting with friends in the hereafter isn't such a bad idea.

So what would one (you, me, or anybody) do if you knew how things would turn out? What would ones outlook on life be like?

Ok, my guess is that either it comes easily, or one ha s to work at it. I can't really imagine God working at it because while I've never created a universe or anything, work is a burden by definition, & it seems that if it's done for ones self, it must be enjoyable. The basic question as a mortal is: "Is this s action fatal & are things ok for now?" But for God, food & shelter isn't a problem because he can extenuate the situation to his best advantage & dwelling on mortality is a wet blanket. But since God's immortal, his main problem would be what to do with himself. They (Hindus) say Shiva once incarnated himself as a pig because he was bored, but I think the concept of awareness that story relates, comes from a finite perspective, I mean given all the possibilities of an infinite universe, why create a finite existence? did it just pop into Gods head one day "That's it! No more total awareness! I'll create sin & suffering!" What the heck for?? Probably as punishment, right? One slowly perceives a realization that maybe God's missing a few marbles. Maybe he's been alone so long that he's cracked up (14 billion years + whatever he did before the big bang) (smirk). So: It's the duty of humanity to kick his loony butt back in shape.

Aaah! But see, I'm digressing again.

The main point of this post is that if we assume god exists, even for the purposes of argument, then all options depend on that assumption. A person who assumes the existence of god, reading this (above) about the advantage of total consciousness, will use it to validate their belief (see! that's why god doesn't use the advantage of foresight!).

But a person who doesn't assume god's existence will use the same argument to validate their assumption. (see! if god exists and uses the advantage of foresight, he'd have to also plan for the extinction of himself and everything, which is suicidal, pointless, & sort of un-godlike).

The believers have the advantage because the whole point assumes there's something here to argue about, and a negative (meaning there isn't) can't be proven.

My opinion is that god's a conceptual name for the center of the herd. everything else has to be seen in relation to it. The biggest threat to an individual is banishment, excommunication, solitary. “Cast out & cut off from gods presence”. More even than death & torture, there’s stories of people who are given a choice & choose banishment, but return to their people in a few weeks or years to be executed. Socrates knew he would be useless without his people. Of course we never hear about the ones that make it to Shangra-la, because (1) nobody ever sees them again, (2) it would embarrass the king.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Here's an interesting link: It's interesting the way god is taken for granted in 99.9% of societies. I think there's a hormonal thing that happens when a social creature is ex cluded from it's herd.They become prone to diseases & stress that changes their scent which makes them into food for predators. Us at the top of the food chain have our own predators in the form of cops, gangs, republicans, lawyers, rip-offs or others who make their living off the "weak". Homeless people do smell funny y'know, & they're just scum anyhow.