Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ok, Ok, so god doesn't ignore you because he answered your secret longing. I can't argue specifics if someone wants to hang gods name on the cause, but there are other possibilities. The framework of expectation determines the probable cause, ask a cop, even an objective one. Unreasonable faith is not a credible aspiration.

Yaaaah! Awaken oh religious people, you're not gullible enough, you should be ashamed! wups that's what got you into this mess, silly me. Unreasonable Faith isn't something to brag about, it's swallowing 7200 pounds of pure and unblemished virgin crap in one gulp. It might make the Guinness world record for credulity, but the only way you'll ever be respected for "unreasonable faith" is by explaining the reasoning behind it. Good luck. You do it because everyone else in your community does it. If they all went to war, would you go too? ... OK, wrong question, how about: If they all met weekly to recite banal platitudes that justify righteous arrogance and condescension toward others, would you do it ... ahh .. too? Why is this so hard? The Lord must be messing with me. OK but which Lord? Hamlet had this problem when a ghost claiming to be his Dad told him that he'd been murdered.

Thus I propose a Play to be staged, the plot shall be such that it shall portray the symphony of society, wherein the wealthy shall be played by the homeless, the homeless shall be played by the rich, the Devout shall portray Atheistst, the clergy shall play the whore, .. uh ok, but every other station and situation shall be interpreted by it's nemesis. I myself shall be the director and everyone shall surely give me timely advice in all that I should do.

Well that looks like a mess, but we'll see who chickens out first.

How to create less selfish societies (physorg) a kind-of-hard read.
Atheists banned from public service in 6 states

Coming soon: My personal list of unexplainable coincidences. Don't miss it!

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