Saturday, January 03, 2009

ok here we are again in Faerie: I have beneath this satin cloth, a small box (whoosh) pretty isn't it? it was made that way to elicit curiosity, and given by Jupiter to the first woman (not Eve) to illustrate the complications of knowledge. So like once you know something, it becomes an indelible point of reference in your intellect. Even though the discovered thingie may only be an unprovable plausibility, there's no way you can erase it's existence (except with lots and lots of drugs, but which again compound the distraction). So whatever you do, don't think about some secret govt. agency watching through your desktop video cam.

Now inside this box (creak) is a personal problem which everyone has .. (fumble - rummage), Ah-Hah! there he is, it's God. No, don't let him out, he just makes trouble, ... oh shit.

Now we have to explain him away, & how we gonna do that with him floating around, morphing faster than HIV. Maybe we could just ignore him.

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